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Ultra Gold Flux Kit

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Ultra Gold Flux Kit

It is impossible to solder leads to a aluminum voice coil without the proper solder and flux.

Our Flux and solder is specifically made to work together to get the job done right.

We do not recommend using our flux without our solder other wise it will not work properly

Ultra Gold Flux has been designed specifically for soldering Aluminum to Aluminum, Copper, and Stainless Steel.

Effective fluxing action occurs at 350°F to 550°F (177°C – 288°C).

DO NOT OVERHEAT – flux will char at temperatures above 550°F.

The resulting solder joint provides a low electrical resistance contact surface.


Ultra Gold Flux flows well and penetrates tight joints and stranded wire very well. It is a golden colored, Chloride-Free, organic-based flux containing 56-60% active ingredients. It is a liquid consisting of amines and complex inorganic fluorides.


Benefits and Uses:

Aluminum-to-Aluminum or Aluminum-to-Copper wire pigtail splices. Aluminum to Copper, Brass or plated terminals and hot dip coating of Aluminum cable connectors to provide a low resistance contact surface.

Residue is electrically conductive and slightly corrosive. We recommend that users remove any residue with hot water or alcohol and a clean rag.


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1 review for Ultra Gold Flux Kit

  1. Mike (verified owner)

    Good flux. Wish the solder was a smaller diameter.

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